MeníŽs care
MeníŽs Lotion - 120ml

A light, water-fresh lotion that delivers generous soothing moisture to just-shaved or cleansed skin. Helps preserve optimal moisture levels for a feeling of comfort and protection against roughness and razor burn. Protects against environmental stress and dryness.

Instructions: Use twice a day, morning and night. Apply an appropriate amount to your hands and spread over your entire face.

Hair Lipid - 120ml

Lotion for applications to scalp only that maybe used by all those who care about the scalp. Massage the scalp after shampooing to make the lotion infiltrate over the entire scalp to pour its energy steadily into the roots of hair and promote sound development of hair. The activities of active constituents such as ginsen extract and extract of swertia japonica and the magnetically ionized deep sea water control dandruff and itches and keep moist and elastic hair Suitable for both men and women.

Instructions:After cleansing hair, remove excess water and gently massage into hair and scalp twice a day.

After-Shave Lotion - 120ml

Lotion that prevents barberíŽs itch and conditions rough skin thanks to the high mineral effect of magnetically ionized deep sea water and the moisturizing action of rose water. The skin of men is move vulnerable and delicate than that of women. Use it not only after shaving but also after face washing and when you feel your skin is dry. Fragrance of roses that is also loved by women.?

Instructions:Facial lotion designed specifically for men to use after shaving. Take 3 to 5 ml on your palm and spread evenly on your wet face .Soften skin, and reduce irritation while helping to keep skin smooth and healthy all day.