Basic Care
Lotion - 120ml
Magnetically ionized deep sea water lotion with a rich blending of marine-derived collagen, balsam apple fruit extract and rice bran sphingolipids. The magnetically ionized deep sea water infiltrates the power of the natural plant extracts deep into the skin and resurrects the irritated skin from the cell level.

Instructions: Apply on cotton ball, wipe over face and throat.
Milk - 60ml
The natural from seaweed and magnetically ionized deep sea water smoothen the metabolism of skin cells and conditions the skin, retaining moisture and beauty. A whitening effect may be expected from natural plant extracts such as Mori Cortex extract and balsam apple fruit extract. It does not provide greasy effect that is common to skin milk , offers fresh, comfortable sense of use and aromatic effect also be expected.

Instructions: Apply an appropriate amount to your hands and spread over your entire face.
Moisture cream - 30g
High-grade moisture cream based on naturally derived gel specially designed for eliminating all troubles resulting from drying. The high mineral effects of the magnetically ionized deep sea water promote generation of ceramide, provide fitness and radiance and give your skin moisture deep into the skin .Rich moisture and resilience bring about correction of skin troubles and promoted the activity of the skin function that has been dormant so far.

Instructions: Apply an appropriate amount to your hands and spread over your entire face, beginning with areas of dryness.
Aqua Mist - 50g
Instantly rejuvenate and invigorate your skin with soothing sea salt and natural nutrients delivered in a deep sea water. This cooling mist instantly refreshes and moisturizes thirsty skin on contact. Perfect for the person on the go. When you want to freshen up quickly, keep a bottle in summer days or before an important appointment, at your office, or in your purse.

Instructions: Hold the bottle facing your complexion. With the Aqua Mist from 20-30cm from your skin, depress the pump actuator on top with your finger to release a burst of mist.