The purest, most luscious water on the earth V Japan Kumejima deep sea water, found at the deepest depths of the ocean. The mineral essential for body are included at rations near your bodys own fluids to activate and rejuvenate the skin cells. The Magne GenR give Kumejima deep sea water rich in minerals, negative ions and oxygen.

Deep sea Water

Deep sea water resides far below the ocean surface, where it is naturally stable, purified and enriched with vital minerals. Rarely rising above the lower ocean current in which it circulates, the mineral rich water can be found only in three locations in the world V in the coastal waters off Hawaii, Norway and Japan. Deep sea water contains more than 60 ocean minerals to boost the natural function of the skin. Trace minerals such as lithium, magnesium, silicon, selenium, copper, zinc and calcium in deep sea water have a high affinity with human skin and can quickly absorb to rapidly refresh and hydrate skin. Compared to surface sea water, deep sea water has three superior characteristics:

- PURITY without any deterioration from acid rain or industrial draining.
- RICHNESS of minerals and nutrient substance.
- STABILITY in low temperature.